Alexej N. Skvortsov

Alexej N. SkvortsovAlexey N. Skvortsov, PhD, DSc. Graduated from Biophysics Department, Faculty of Physics and Mechanics, SPbSTU in 2000. In 2000-2003 A.Skvortsov was a PhD student ibn the Institute of Cytology, Russian Academy of Sciences (under supervision of prof. V.I. Vorob'ev). PhD project of A.Skvortsov was devoted to  chiral biologically active platinum complexes and their reactions with biomolecules. Doctor's thesis (2011) was devoted to the role of copper transporting system in the metabolism of cytotoxic platinum compounds.

First teaching experience A.N. Skvortsov had in 1998, with valuable cooperation from prof. V.N. Rybchin. At present he is conducting lecture and lab courses in experimental methods, statistical analysis, and mechanisms of DNA repair. A.N. Skvortsov has been a supervisor of 3 bachelor works and 4 Master dissertations. Head of Biophysics dept. since 2014.

Scientific interests: bioinorganic chemistry of heavier metals, chirality and optical activity, chemometrcis. Postgraduate studies of A.N. Skvortsov are devoted to molecular mechanisms of transport of proapoptotic coordination compounds of platinum and copper.

Important publications: